EMKOTEK is a high quality industrial equipment supplier for the toughest applications in Chemical and Petrochemical industries, Metallurgy, Pulp and Paper Mills, Power stations, Sugar, Mining, Water and waste water, Food industry, Pharmaceutical, etc.

Our pumps, mechanical seals, gaskets, packings, fans, compressors, munchers, screens and more are used where high reliability and safe operation of the equipment is required.

EMKOTEK  builds and expands the relationship between the largest Bulgarian companies and the equipment manufacturer leaders in their fields, enabling the access of Bulgarian companies to the latest products and technology solutions from market leaders.

Our partners:

  • We have established close cooperation with carefully selected partners - mostly leading companies in its field.
  • Our partners are technology leaders in their field, creating conditions for access of Bulgarian companies to the latest products and technology solutions worldwide.
  • Products represented companies are distinguished by world class quality, meet the latest European and world requirements and standards, and in some areas of industry in our country has for decades proven to be one of the most reliable and secure technology solutions.

Our clients are in the field of:

Chemical and Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Metals, Power plants, paper mills, cement factories, Food Industry, Mines, Water and wastewater treatment, equipment manufacturers...

Our partners are:

EagleBurgmann (www.eagleburgmann.com)
ITT Goulds pumps - (www.gouldspumps.com)
CBV - DeRaedt Industrial Fans (www.cbvfans.com)
Nov MONO (www.mono-pumps.com)


To present to the Bulgarian market the products and services of leading companies in its field, in a manner conforming to the highest standards.


  1. To be recognized by our customers as a source of technical expertise and support in the areas of:
    • Standard and specific products and materials
    • Their profession
    • Their plants and processes
  2. To respond with a concrete solution to all the problems of customers in the area of our competencies.


EMKOTEK is certified  according to EN ISO 9001:2015


Download this file (Emkotek_ISO9001_EN.pdf)Emkotek_ISO9001_EN.pdf[ ]407 kB


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гр. София, 1505
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